Zach Taylor is the President and Broker for Loan Wolf Lending. He has worked on simplifying the loan process and making the home loan process easily understandable and transparent from day 1. His desire to leverage the best technology available has made the mortgage process substantially smoother for everyone involved in each transaction and gets loans cleared to close faster than most lenders. Zach is passionate about the mortgage industry because it allows him to give people a full understanding about their most expensive life purchase while allowing them to generate a foundation of wealth and stability in their family. As a lifelong resident of Broward County, FL, Zach enjoys outdoor activities including both freshwater and saltwater fishing, kayaking, golfing (badly) and spending a day on the beach. He also enjoys spending as much time as possible with his friends, family, fiancé and 3 cats. Make sure you reach out to Zach to get a full approval and understanding of the loan process before you go house hunting.